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X-LEVEL is a Decentralized Platform to Enable DeFi Trading

A distributed memberships platform for decentralized finance trading across a wide range of capital markets.

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The X-Level Trading Bot

The bot will facilitate automated spot & future trading with selected assets across all the partner crypto exchange markets. With 24/7 uptime, it will be performing trades in a highly volatile asset market. The X-Level bot is capable of executing dozens of trades simultaneously.

For a regular trader, it may not be possible to overlook multiple platforms at once and trade assets with profitable strategy. While finding the best trading strategies around the market, X-Level trading bot catches the best profit making strategies and sequential trade executions in live markets. The foolproof nature of trading bot makes it possible to time the market and perform successful trades.

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Why X-Level is best for you

Global Platform

X-Level is a global platform for traders’ community.

Community Owned

The platform is owned/managed by community members.

24/7 Support

The members are provided with 24/7 support.

Trading Signals

Get personalized trading signals direct into your inbox.


X-Level DeFi Trading

  • Spot Trading
  • Market Order Analysis
  • F&O Signals
  • Live Market Updates
  • Liquidity Insights
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Problem & Solutions


There are some limitations on traders' accountability such as 24/7 availability, accessing asset markets on thousands of platforms, executing sequential trades simultaneously over several exchanges etc. Moreover, accessing the platforms using scripts leads to inefficiency due to security reasons.


It requires solutions that outperform current limitations with available resources and proves to be a better application for underlying problems. X-Level replaces all the inefficiency in trading live market orders with a trader dashboard. The application of X-Level in trading is far beyond the spot and F&O trading with providing prominent services such as algo trading strategies, trading signals analysis, market timing etc.


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X-Level Benefits

Access to Community

Members get access to the community platform and connect to thousands of other traders and global community members.

Trading Analysis

Get access to trading classes and lectures prepared by professional trades with trading tips, tricks & strategies.

Guidance from Mentors

All the community members will be guided by the mentors and have the benefits of great network effects.